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Power Head Hydraulic Wrench

Available Rental Product Range: RSL1500 – RSL28000

  • Innovative design that completely encloses all moving parts and minimizes pinch points
  • 30-35° of operating stroke provides added productivity while avoiding “tool lock on” which is common with some torque wrench designs.
  • Simple robust alloy steel design with just three moving parts for reduced maintenance
  • Robust handles are available for both sides and the tops of cassettes to allow for extra maneuverability
  • Designed to give optimum strength to weight and torque to weight ratios
  • Minimum nose radius for trouble-free tool fit
  • Interchangeable cassette design
  • Wide range of hexagon sizes available for all applications
  • Reaction arm has a simple dial lock for rapid change
  • For use in multiple industrial, energy, and oil and gas applications
  • Accuracy of ±3%
  • One RSL-Hydraulic Drive Unit fits RLP-Hexagon Cassette or RSQ-Drive Drive Cassette.
  • Choose your Enerpac Torque Wrench using the untightening rule of thumb: Loosening torque equals about 250% of tightening torque.
  • Use Enerpac THQ700 Series torque wrench hoses with RSL Series torque wrenches to ensure the integrity of your hydraulic system.