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POP-IT Flange Spreader


  • The Pop-It tool flange spreader is used for both flange spreading and equipment lifting, making it the most versatile tool on the market used in these applications.
  • The Pop-It flange spreader takes the place of a hammer and wedge and can spread or lift 10,000 pounds up to 5.5 inches with 120 pounds of force at the ratchet handle.
  • It’s lightweight, compact, and portable and holds its spread without drifting.
  • The Pop-it Tool flange spreader can be used in a multitude of industry applications such as gasket replacement, blinding, drive shimming, and valve service.
  • The Pop-It Tool also works well when lifting equipment for alignment work, removing gears or impellers from shafts.


  • The HD0535 “Heavy Duty” Pop-it Tool flange spreader is the next step up from the 95-525 Pop it tool flange spreader.
  • It is designed to spread larger and thicker flanges than what the original pop it can handle.
  • The HD0535 is particularly effective when spreading RTJ type flanges or other large flanges with a significant gap.
  • The HD0535 requires a 1/2” in gap to insert the toes and creates up to 30,000 pounds (13,607.7 kg.) of spreading force.