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Electric Crawler

  • The best crawler on the market. Fits all SMC beveling band sizes.
  • Flexible, lightweight, stainless steel beveling band conforms to any pipe shape.
  • Minimal 6″ radial clearance needed when using the Right Angle Drive kit.
  • Bands for pipe sizes 6 and larger
  • Large beveling bands for pipe sizes 60-144 and larger
  • Special order oversized bands for ARO and extra coated pipe
  • Bands conform to out-of-round pipe and mounts anywhere on the pipe
  • Single operator setup and operation on pipes up to 48
  • Flexible 9 or 14 drive shaft (whip)
  • One crawler fits all band sizes
  • Crawlers are precision cast aluminum for rugged strength
  • Right Angle Drive kit provides minimal 6 clearance
  • Motorized drive optional